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Starting Giving Tuesday, Support Black Women Organizations Through One Campaign 
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one dollar and a share on social media

is all we're asking for. 


In the spirit of community, four Black women-led organizations from across the country have come together to raise funds through one Giving Tuesday fundraising campaign: Power of the Dollar. 


We created this campaign for a few reasons 

  • To bring our collective networks together to fundraise and bring awareness to the causes and communities we champion. 

  • To alleviate the pressure of giving from the everyday donor while emphasizing grassroots organizing.

  • To build unrestricted funds for our organizations that will allow us to take care of constituents, staff and ourselves. 

Black women-led organizations are understaffed, underfunded, and have less unrestricted assets.

Let's change that. 





We know the financial burden 2020 has placed on so many people, and that’s why we’re only asking folks to donate $1. Technically you can donate as much as you’d like, but if you only have a dollar to give, that is more than enough! All donations will be evenly distributed amongst the organizations


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The mission of the B.L.A.C.C. Fund is to empower the African American community in Los Angeles.


B.L.A.C.C. seeks to harness the collective giving power of Angelenos who want justice and liberation for Black people. As a multigenerational network of donor-activists, B.L.A.C.C. supports organizations working on the front lines of social justice in our local communities. 

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Blvck Women Worldwide was established for the advancement of Blvck womxn in all walks of life. Dedicated team of members and volunteers work to connect Blvck womxn with the support and resources required for personal and professional success.

 Their mission is to accelerate the growth of Blvck womxn in motion, by building a global community where we are seen and celebrated. Our unique platform and curriculum drive

connection, mentorship, sisterhood, and solutions for Blvck womxn wherever we may be. 


Community2Community (C2C) was formed in 2010 to give the Haitian Diaspora and those with a heart for Haïti a platform to come together and share their expertise in a variety of areas – from education to medicine and from carpentry to communications – toward C2C’s goal of establishing lasting change in Haïti, and ultimately, other communities by working with indigenous leadership on the ground. C2C mobilizes resources to support the transformation of developing international communities into healthy, self-sufficient communities.


International Society of Black Latinos 

The mission of the International Society of Black Latinos (ISBL) is to educate the local and broader communities of the existence of Afro-Latinos and the influence that the African Diaspora has had and continues to have on the Latin cultures around the world.

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I made my donation! Who does the money go to? 

Funds will be given to the organizations mentioned above.


How much will each organization receive? 

It depends on how much we raise! No matter what, all funds will be evenly distributed between the coalition. 


Is my donation tax deductible? 

If you donated via Cash App, your donation WILL NOT be tax deductible. If you’d like your donation to be tax deductible, you’ll have to make a minimum donation of $5. You can make your donation here


I’ve been blessed this year and would like to make a sizable tax-deductible donation to this campaign. How should I do that? 

First off, thank you!! Secondly, you can make your tax-deductible donation here. #Blessed


My company is offering to match employee donations. Where should I donate? 

Please use this link to make your donation for corporate matching.


What will the coalition do with the money they raise?

Whatever they think is best for their organization, their constituents, and their community!


Can I only donate on Giving Tuesday (December 1st)?

Nope! You can continue to make donations until December 31st. Keep them dollars coming! 


Why are you using Cash App instead of other fundraising sites? 

Most folks already have Cash App on their phone, so donating is super easy.

And if this is your first time hearing about Cash App, trust us, you’ll love it!

You can learn more about Cash App here.

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